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Imagination - that's the thing. Music is such a great tool for getting inside the human imagination. STRING PLANET was created as a way to tweak our creative funnybones (and yours).
---Larry & Novi---

photo - George Margolin


Novi Novog and her viola have been heard and seen on recordings, films and concert stages all over the world. She has a long list of recording credits including solos on Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Raspberry Beret," and The Doobie Brothers' "Black Water".  She appears with Frank Zappa’s band on “Joe’s Camouflage” and as a violist and contractor on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible”, just to name a few.

Novi began playing piano at age four. When she was eight, she took up the violin, then moved on to viola. As part of the American Youth Symphony, Novi studied under Mehli Mehta, then attended California Institute of the Arts on scholarship under Louis Kievman, where she received the American String Teachers Award. In addition to her work in viola and piano, she studied composition at Cal Arts under Leonard Stein and Alan Chaplin.

Novi has recorded several albums with her own groups, including three discs with CHUNKY, NOVI AND ERNIE on Warner Bros/Reprise, one album with rock group SUMNER on Elektra/Asylum, four CD's with instrumental group FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC on Sheffield Lab, and two STRING PLANET discs with partner Larry Tuttle.

BFA Degree - California Institute of the Arts - Full Scholarship
American Youth Symphony - Mehli Mehta
Debut Orchestra - Paul Polivnick
Valley Symphony - Elmer Bernstein
Santa Barbara Symphony
Pupil of Louis Keivman, Mehli Mehta and Godfrey Layefsky - viola
Pupil of David Zea and Earl Voorhies - piano
Pupil of Alan Chaplin, Leonard Stein, and David Zea - composition
Winner of American String Teachers Association Competition


photo - Helene Barbara


As a symphonic composer, Larry Tuttle is the winner of the Pittsburgh Symphony's 2014 H. J. Heinz Company Audience of the Future Composition Contest, with his work CHORALE AND FIDDLE TUNE.

Larry and The Stick were on a collision course from the very start. It was a perfect fit. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Larry Tuttle discovered the string bass at age nine and embarked on a childhood saturated in music, playing in school orchestras, All-City orchestras, Youth Symphonies, college symphonies, and just about every kind of ensemble imaginable. Larry studied classically at the University of Washington as a string bass major under James Harnett (principal bass - Seattle Symphony) as well as taking extensive private study with such notables as Ron Simon, Ring Warner and Oscar Zimmerman. A short study course in ear-training with jazz great Gary Peacock was a revelation, opening his ears to jazz and helping to develop deep listening skills and musical philosophy. Larry played principal bass for a summer at the National Music Camp in Interlochen, as well as sitting in with the Seattle Symphony as an honor student.

Discovering the electric bass and progressive rock bands such as Yes, ELP and Gentle Giant while in high school, Larry went on to play for ten years with rock group "Russia", moving to Los Angeles and recording two albums for Warner Bros. Records.

After the Russia years, looking to expand his musical choices, he added The Stick to his repertoire of instruments. It was a life-changing move. The Stick opened up entire vistas of musical expression. As a new instrument with plenty of untapped potential, it offered both a challenge and an opportunity for creating a totally unique musical identity. The Stick's two-handed playing technique and contrapuntal sound also made it an ideal instrument for expression as a composer. For more info on The Stick, clic here.

FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC, Larry and Novi's instrumental group through the late 80's and 90's, recorded four CD's for the Spindletop and Sheffield Lab labels. FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC toured throughout the United States and Canada, as Larry introduced The Stick to audiences everywhere. In 1999, Larry recorded "THROUGH THE GATES", a CD of solos performed on The Stick.

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